Issue 602: UN aid official arrested for aiding Hamas terrorism * Controversy in France as Jewish terror victims omitted

UN aid official arrested for aiding Hamas terrorism

UNDP’s Wahid Borsh, 38, abused position to build jetty for Hamas naval forces, hide Hamas weapons, prioritize homes for Hamas members

Second aid official to be indicted, after World Vision’s Gaza chief exposed as Hamas agent
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Video: i24 news report and interview of UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer
UN aid worker indicted for aiding Hamas; UNDP chief Helen Clark must “draw conclusions”
UN Watch, August 9, 2016 – Following today’s indictment of a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aid worker in Gaza for supporting Hamas terrorist activities, UN Watch is calling on UNDP chief Helen Clark, a candidate to be the next UN Secretary-General, to draw conclusions, and for Ban Ki-moon to urgently establish an independent commission of inquiry to investigate the subversion of UN and other international humanitarian aid funds by Hamas. More
UNDP has history of pandering to Hamas UN Watch, August 9, 2016 – UNDP’s culture of pandering to the Hamas regime likely enabled the criminal diversion of humanitarian resources. For example, during the Gaza war of 2014, despite UNDP’s duties of neutrality and impartiality, the organization noticeably sided with Hamas against Israel, whitewashing the systematic subversion by Hamas of homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals, to hide weapons, install rocket launchers, and cover up entrances to terror tunnels as well as terrorist command and control centers. Frode Mauring, then the UNDP Special Representative on Palestine, tweeted vehemently against Israel, systematically posting articles hostile to Israel’s position. More

UNDP knew of “criticial” lapse in Gaza construction funds, was warned of “major negative consequences”
According to a UN internal audit, UNDP was warned as far back as 2014 of a “critical lapse” in its Palestinian program office, which was not properly keeping track of expenditures or receipts, and of the risk of “major negative consequences.” See Fox News report from 2014

Controversy in France as Appeal by 41 Muslim Intellectuals Omits Jewish Terror Victims

Philippe Val, former editor of Charlie Hebdo, receiving UN Watch’s 2015 Morris B. Abram Human Rights Award

A controversy has erupted in France in wake of a manifesto by 41 Muslim intellectuals. Following is the article, published in Le Journal du Dimanche, by the noted author and former Charlie Hebdo editor Philippe Val, recipient of UN Watch’s 2015 Morris B. Abram Human Rights Award, as translated from the original French.

Philippe Val: “A Reply from a non-Muslim, non-Jewish Frenchman to the Appeal by the 41”

My dear friends, by publishing an appeal in Le Journal du Dimanche last week, you courageously met a need. As French and Muslim people, you are the first voice that dares to recognize, at your own risk, that Islam is experiencing a profound internal crisis. You agree to take a hard look at reality in order to observe what many are pretending to fail to notice: that Islamic radicalization is at the heart of this crisis and represents a deadly threat to democratic and republican harmony. And you are calling for intellectual, cultural and legislative work to reform Islam in France and to answer the question of the national collective conscience, which of course includes French Muslims, “Where are you? What are you doing?” …
Yet in reading your appeal, the first doubts arise: you don’t mention Charlie Hebdo, only the cartoonists. Then comes the fittingly dramatic confirmation: you, yourselves, have doomed and wasted your gesture in the first lines of your appeal. In your strange list of victims of terrorism (you mention the Bataclan theater, the murder of police officers, the people in Nice, the priest), you forgot about the Jews, who are among the first targets of terrorism and are at the top of the list of intended victims. To mention only those in France, you forgot about the victims Mohamed Merah and those at Hyper Cacher.  There are only two explanations, each equally appalling:

  • Either you did this on purpose to rally the largest possible number of people without having to deal with the antisemitism that is a firmly entrenched and not negligible element in Islam. And this comes down to admitting that you have already lost the battle you claim to be fighting;
  • Or this is an unconscious omission, meaning that you still haven’t understood the nature of the disease that threatens the very life of the rule of law, a disease that you haven’t managed to cure among yourselves.

One must hope that at least some of you have signed this appeal trustingly, without reading it. We cannot believe that certain honorable people could have committed this error.
This episode is reminiscent of the reaction of Prime Minister Raymond Barre after the attack on the synagogue on Rue Copernic, when he regretted that in addition to Jews, there were also innocent victims.
My friends, I insist on telling you this: we shall never accept such linguistic “compromises”, which are no more or less than silent permission granted to future anti-Semitic criminals.   Read more

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