June 20: Today at the Human Rights Council

As the UN Human Rights Council celebrates its 10th anniversary with endless self-congratulatory speeches, UN Watch will be reporting daily on the debates of the June 2016 session. Click here for UN Watch’s assessment of the council’s performance over the past decade.

This morning, during a discussion on discrimination and violence against women, countries eagerly took the floor to show off their egalitarian credentials.

Sudan told the Council that they are “promoting a policy of zero tolerance to violence against women and have been since 2007.” In October 2014, Sudanese armed forces effected an organized mass rape of 221 women and girls in Tabit, in North Darfur.
Myanmar insisted that “women and girls enjoy human rights fully. There is no glass ceiling for women in Myanmar either in the workplace or in politics.” As recently as May 2015, UN experts described a legislative package in Myanmar as “highly discriminatory against women.”

The Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt, neither of which is known for a progressive approach to gender equality, were both absent when it was their turn to speak.

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