Mohammed M. Alhourani, Head of Health Center at UNRWA, Promotes Antisemitism

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Mohammed M. Alhourani is listed as the head of an UNRWA health center in Jordan. He posts an antisemitic conspiracy theory asserting that wealthy Jews control the world and implying that they spent millions of dollars to create the coronavirus. Aside from the overt antisemitism, it is alarming that a health professional would propagate such lies relating to matters of public health.

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This post peddles a classical antisemitic conspiracy theory that wealthy Jews control the world. It implies that an “international gang” of billionaire Jewish families controls the fate of the world and is behind the coronavirus, which the post claims was created in a lab at a cost of millions of dollars. Such outrageous claims are all the more shocking given that Mohammed M. Alhourani is in charge of an UNRWA medical center in Jordan.

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Alhourani posts a video of arrests made by IDF soldiers with an antisemitic caption claiming that the Jews will ultimately be defeated and enslaved. The post tells those being arrested not to cry because “the day will come when [they] will urinate on their [the Jews’] heads to purify them of their filth,” adding “they will return to you as slaves, as they once were.” As non-Muslims, Jews are considered filthy and impure.


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