Muneera Abu Hadeel, UNRWA Midwife in West Bank, Portrays Israel as Thieving Dog

Muneera Abu Hadeel lists herself as a UNRWA employee. She has several UNRWA employee friends on Facebook. Hadeel endorses an antisemitic cartoon in which Israel is depicted as a thieving dog.

Muneera’s Facebook Friends


Post 1: Israel is Thieving Dog

In May 2021, Hadeel shared and endorsed a political cartoon which had been condemned for being antisemitic. The cartoon depicts Israel as a dog stealing the bed from Palestine. The obvious meaning is that the State of Israel is illegitimate because it stole the land from Palestine. Muneera Abu Hadeel endorses the cartoon and calls to “disseminate this picture as much as possible.”


The ambassador of the occupying state of Israel in Denmark has a heated discussion with the editor-in-chief of Politiken newspaper. He criticized the publication of a caricature about Israelis, represented as a black dog, and asked the newspaper to apologize and remove the caricature! We must disseminate this picture as much as possible, so that it can reverberate more, and so that the Zionist occupier ambassador can once more see it in all of the newspapers!


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