Qusai Mansi (Employee, UNRWA Jordan), Equates Zionists with Nazis

Qusai Mansi lists himself as an UNRWA employee. He has many UNRWA employee friends on Facebook. Mansi equates Zionists with Nazis.

Zionists are Nazis

In May 2021, Mansi posted a fake photo of a child with an unidentified rash on its face, which appears to be attributed to Israel based on the caption that equates Zionism with Nazism. However, the child in the photo is from Illinois and has nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mansi misuses the photo to falsely accuse Israel. The context for the post is the May 2021 hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Thus, the post equates Israel’s attacks on Gaza to defend against terrorist rockets with Nazi atrocities during the Holocaust, re-casting the Jewish victim as the aggressor. This is antisemitism.


The Nazism of the Zionists manifests itself

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