Richard Falk's Publisher 'Foreign Policy Journal' is just a 1-man, Truther-run website

World headlines were made last week when UN official Richard Falk found himself condemned by his boss, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, for  blaming the Boston bombings on the U.S. and Israel, in an article that appeared in Foreign Policy Journal.
Because of its high-sounding name, many assumed this to be a respected publication along the lines of  Foreign Policy Magazine, or Foreign Affairs, the century-old journal of the Council of Foreign Relations. And some surely assumed that Falk had actually published his preposterous remarks in one of those two publications. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.
In reality, “Foreign Policy Journal” appears to be a one-man website, dedicated to extremist anti-American and anti-Israeli rants, with that one man, Jeremy R. Hammond, who describes himself as self-employed and living in Cross Village, Michigan, being a prolific 9/11 Truther.
That Falk should routinely send his articles to a Truther-run website — after they have, as in the case of his Boston Marathon commentary, also appeared on his own blog and on — is not in the least bit surprising.
Falk is a registered supporter of and  has repeatedly endorsed America’s leading 9/11 Truthers, as UN Watch detailed here, and for which he was condemned in 2011 by the United Nations and by world leaders.
Hammond’s barrage of tweets last week to the journalists who criticized Falk showed a manner of argument that is at once angry, incoherent,  and infantile.
All the rare attention has been a boon for Hammond.
The best way to understand the motivations and thought-pattern of such characters is to read the brilliant psychological profiles drawn by Jonathan Kay in his insightful and entertaining book, Among the Truthers.
In one part of the book, Kay describes how certain Truthers like to confront targeted public figures on the street, or at various events, using guerilla political theatre tactics, and then to promptly post videos, often filmed by themselves, documenting their glorious battles.
In similar fashion, Hammond’s websites and newsletter are now chock full of links to his glorious tweets, of which anyone in the non-Truther world would be ashamed.

UN Watch