Shady Shehada, UNRWA Project Engineer, Celebrates Munich Massacre of Israeli Olympic Athletes

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Shady Shehada lists himself as a project engineer at UNRWA in Gaza. He also lists himself as a former project engineer at UNDP. He glorifies the 1972 Munich Massacre in which Palestinian terrorists ruthlessly murdered 11 Israeli Olympic athletes.

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UNRWA engineer Shady Shehada celebrated the 1972 Munich Massacre. On the anniversary of that event, September 5, 2020, he posted images in which eight members of the Black September Palestinian terrorist group killed 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. Shady Shehada exalts the terrorist murder as “a glory that will last forever.

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In this post opposing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas as too moderate, UNRWA employee Shady Shehada accuses Abbas of “criminaliz[ing] the revolutionaries’ possession of arms to use against the occupier.” This endorses Palestinian terrorism against Israel, which according to Shehada should not be a crime.


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