Towards the close of Tuesday’s high-level segment at the Durban Review Conference, Sudan‘s Deputy Justice Minister, Abdel Daiem Zumrawi gave a fiery speech, denouncing the decision of the International Criminal Court to indict Sudan’s President al-Bashir for the genocide in Darfur.

“The accusation of the President does not relate to doing of justice or bringing of peace and stability,” he said. “We are of the opinion that the ICC is being employed as a racist instrument that goes after certain groups while overlooking others.”

Zumrawi then blamed this “absence of justice” for breeding “malice, terrorism and extremism.”

He went on to denounce “heinous crimes committed against the Palestinian people by the Israeli occupation” and said, “the protection offered Israel by some Western countries” is the reason it continues to “act against humanity.”

Zumrawi also decried the “ongoing smearing campaign against the religion of Islam and its Prophet.”

Moreover, his speech attempted to portray Sudan as a country committed to human rights, claiming, for example, that Sudan’s constitution calls for the full representation of marginalized areas.


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