Syria accuses Israel of teaching songs about “sucking blood”

Shocking video: Syria accuses Israel of teaching songs about “sucking blood”

The U.N. was regrettably silent after Syria engaged in what seems to be its favorite national pastime:  accusing Jews, “Zionism” and Israel of being blood-suckers. Only UN Watch confronted the Baathist regime’s latest blood libel:

It happened before in 1991, at the old UN Commission on Human Rights. The Syrian cited approvingly from the book “Matza of Zion,” authored by former Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas. It’s pretty clear these people really believe that Jews are out to kill Christians or Arabs and suck their blood. Then, however, 29 states — including UN Watch founder Morris B. Abram, then U.S. Permanent Representative to the U.N. in Geneva — sent formal letters of complaint. Click here for a PDF file containing some of the 1991 documentation, courtesy of the indomitable David Littman. It includes a transcript of the offending 8 February 1991 Syrian statement, the letters of protests from UN member states and NGOs, and Syria’s written reply.


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