Top 10 UN Watch Speeches & Videos

Following are the top UN Watch speeches and videos from the United Nations, shared by millions worldwide.

1. Son of Hamas Shocks UN
• 3.8 million views on Facebook
• 1.2 million views on YouTube

U.N. Stunned as Palestinian Exposes PLO Lies

EPIC MOMENT: U.N. stunned, Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as the Son of Hamas & the Green Prince —to expose PLO lies on U.N.'s "Hate Israel Day." Watch heads turn!===Learn more: www.unwatch.orgSign up: so we can do more:*YouTube:*Twitter:*Transcript:עכשיו עם כתוביות!*HEBREW FB:*HEBREW YouTube:

Posted by UN Watch on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

2. Algeria, where are your Jews?

• 5 million views on YouTube
• 3.2 million views on Facebook

3. Expel Saudi Arabia

• 1.7 million views

Expel Saudi Arabia from U.N. Human Rights Council

No joke: the U.N. just elected the world's #1 violator of women's rights & religious freedom to its Human Rights Council. Help us fight back—sign the UN Watch petition now: by Dan Smith.

Posted by UN Watch on Thursday, November 3, 2016


4. The Banned Speech
• 800,000 views on YouTube
• Hailed as most viral UN video of its time, featured in editorials worldwide 
• This 2007 video came out before Facebook video existed

5. Hot Mic Catches UN Interpreter Slamming Anti-Israel Bias

• 800,000 views on YouTube

6. British Commander Richard Kemp Refutes the Goldstone Report at 2009 UN Debate

• 390,000 views on YouTube

7. UN Emergency Session on 2014 Gaza War: Iran, Syria, PLO try to shut down Hillel Neuer
• 200,000 views on YouTube
• Rated a top video explaining 2014 war

8. PLO’s Diana Buttu goes SPEECHLESS in Al Jazeera debate with Hillel Neuer
• 400,000 views on YouTube
Hailed worldwide: “Remarkable”; “Must watch”; “Hillel Neuer schools Diana Buttu”

9. U.N. Libyan Surprise: Victim of Qaddafi Torture Confronts Libyan Chair of Durban 2

10. Haley’s Comet: Nikki Haley Calls Out Anti-Israel Bias at First-Ever U.N. Press Briefing

• UN Watch discovered & made this Nikki Haley speech famous
• 7.5 million views on Facebook, many more millions on versions uploaded by others

Haley's Comet

U.S Ambassador Nikki Haley slams U.N.'s anti-Israel bias.Learn more, sign up:

Posted by UN Watch on Sunday, February 19, 2017

11.  UN: “Israel’s fault when Palestinian men beat their wives.” Neuer: “Where is the data?”

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