Top U.N. Official Calls for Recognition of Taliban

The United Nations deputy secretary-general expressed the hope that an upcoming conference of the world body will discuss granting official recognition to the Taliban. See transcript below.

Amina Mohammed delivered her remarks at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs, formerly known as the Woodrow Wilson School, interviewed by Dean Amaney Jamal.

Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General: We have some amazing envoys that work on Afghanistan, and we have Afghan women too. And what we are hoping is that we will gather them now, in another two weeks in the region, and they will have that first meeting of envoys across the board, the region and internationally, with the Secretary General for the first time. And out of that, we hope that we will find those baby steps to put us back on the pathway to recognition. Is it possible? Don’t know.
Jamal Amaney, Dean of Princeton’s SPIA: Recognition of?
AM: Of the Taliban. A principled recognition. In other words, there are conditions I mean, you…
JA: Quid pro quo?
AM: Let’s see, let’s see what that does. Because that discussion has to happen. I mean, there are some that believe this can never happen. There are others that say, well, it has to happen.
JA: Does the Taliban want recognition?
AM: Yes. The Taliban clearly want recognition. And that’s the leverage we have.
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