Top Tweets October 2021

UN Watch’s Top Tweets in October 2021

Trending UN Watch tweets from October: NBA basketball star Enes Kanter speaks out against Chinese dictatorship; Nigeria jails indigenous opposition leader; Iran slams “any form of terrorism”; UN Human Rights Council President cuts off Hillel Neuer over UNRWA antisemitism — and more.

Human Rights Council Elects New Members, Joining China and Other Rights Abusers

HRC Cuts Off Hillel Neuer Over UNRWA Antisemitism

NBA Basketball Star Speaks Out Against Chinese Dictatorship

Iran Slams Any Form of Terrorism; Murders its Own Sportsmen

Palestinian Sentenced for Attempting to Sell Land to Israeli Jews

Nigeria Jails Indigenous Opposition Leader

New York Times Science Reporter Goes Woke on COVID

Monty Python Actor Explains Extremism

Liking, retweeting, following: UN Watch tweets were liked and shared by thousands around the world, including by opinion leaders and celebrities such as:

  • UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion Ahmed Shaheed
  • Former UN Security Council President Diego Arria
  • World chess champion Garry Kasparov, Cuban human rights activist Rosa María Payá, Venezuelan activist Carlos Vecchio, Zimbabwean activist Hopewell Chin’ono, Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance party
  • Canadian senator Leo Housakos, former Canadian immigration minister Chris Alexander
  • Dutch MEP Peter van Dalen, Swedish MEP Charlie Weimers
  • Israeli ambassador to the U.S. & UN Gilad Erdan
  • Hudson Institute South & Central Asia Director and former Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. Husain Haqqani
  • Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, former professional baseball player & journalist Adam Housely, former NBA basketball player Andrew Bogut, actors Daniel Gillies & Adam Baldwin, UK actress Tracy-Ann Oberman


Many journalists also liked or shared UN Watch’s tweets, including:

  • Commentator Bill Kristol, Bloomberg columnist Eli Lake, CNN anchor Isa Soares, Washington Post columnist & CNN contributor Frida Ghitis, BBC News correspondent John Simpson, Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel
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