Waseem Medhat Abo El Ula aka “A. Handsome,” Endorses Hamas Terrorism and Advocates Killing Israelis

Name: Waseem Medhat Abo El Ula

Telegram Nickname: A. Handsome

UNRWA Contract Number: 30026402

ID Number: 400138061

Position: Gaza (Nuseirat) English Teacher

Waseem Medhat Abo El Ula (aka A. Handsome”), one of the UNRWA Telegram group administrators, prayed for Hamas terrorists (“May God save them”), advocated killing Israelis, and shared and endorsed Hamas propaganda. On October 8th, Medhat called to “execute the first settler on live broadcast.” In an October 11th chat, Medhat prayed to violently defeat Israel/the Jews—”tear them apart” and “kill them one by one.” On January 8, 2024, Mehdat celebrated a failed Israeli hostage-rescue when he forwarded a message on how the Al Qassem Brigades “blocked,” “thwarted,” “killed and wounded them, and kept some of their belongings.” 

Although he did not post relevant material in the Telegram chat on October 7th itself, on that day, Medhat glorified Hamas terrorist Akram Abu Hasanen as an “Al-Qassam Brigades martyr” on his personal Facebook page.

On November 20, Mehdat shared a photo of a suicide vest warning “Jews” to “wait” because the suicide vest “is waiting to go into battle officially and exclusively.”

Mezher continued to applaud and encourage Hamas’s attack after October 7th. At 7:35 AM on October 10, Mezher appealed to “secure victory with the blood of the mujahidin” who should “spread their pride and glory everywhere.” Moments later, he endorsed Hamas’s hostage-taking and murder of Israeli civilians when he shared a statement by Hamas Al-Qassem Brigades Spokesman Abu Ubaydah, that Hamas would “execute the civilian hostages we took” and “broadcast it in audio and video” in response to Israeli airstrikes. 

On December 25th, Mehdat forwarded a message to the group affirming his endorsement of Hamas. The message opposed an Egyptian ceasefire proposal which it claimed would remove Hamas from power. The message also praised Hamas rule for “mustering the strength that broke the occupation’s back” and that continued Hamas rule in Gaza would be “one of the most significant signs of the resistance’s victory” and of “the occupation’s defeat.” It added that Gaza Palestinians would never agree to be without Hamas, referred to as “resistance,” to protect them.

On January 2, 2024, after Israel assassinated Saleh Arouri, Deputy Chief of the Hamas Politburo, Mehdat dubbed him a “martyr.”


UN Watch