What turned Ken Roth into a Swiss reporter

With a little help from his 275 staff members, Human Rights Watch director Ken Roth voices moral outrage on his Twitter feed once every hour, 24 times a day, seven days a week.
Yet when a Hamas terrorist today rammed his car into a crowd of Israelis in Jerusalem, and then got out to attack them further with an iron bar, Ken Roth’s voice suddenly turned into that of a neutral Swiss reporter.
Here are the standard Roth tweets, criticizing, demanding, condemning:

And here, suddenly switching to an unfamiliar just-report-the-facts mode, is Roth’s anodyne tweet after today’s attack, in which Hamas terrorist killed one and injured a dozen more:

Less than an hour later, however, Roth immediately switched back to moral outrage — to criticize Israel:

Roth’s weird personal obsession with Israel is what caused Human Rights Watch founder Robert Bernstein to quit in 2009, and was exposed in detail by The New Republic.


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