U.N. rights agency caught altering Durban II document, in bid to downplay hateful proposals

The U.N. agency charged with organizing the upcoming Durban II racism conference has quietly altered the title of its “Draft Outcome Document” to read “Different sections of compilation of proposals,” in an apparent bid to downplay draft proposals that revive the hateful rhetoric that plagued the original Durban conference of 2001. See graphic demonstration below.

The move comes as part of an aggressive new public relations campaign by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) that in recent days has started to lash out at governments, newspapers, and organizations that have sought to question the misuse of the principles and terminology of the anti-racism cause by Libya, Iran, and other repressive regimes.

In September the OHCHR made a thinly veiled attack on Jewish organizations, accusing unnamed “lobby groups” that were “focused on single issues” of launching “ferocious, and often distorted, criticism” of the Durban II event, slated for April 20-24, 2009 in Geneva. UN Watch immediately protested, and in a detailed letter urged spokesman Rupert Colville to retract the innuendo-laced statement. Yet he has refused to do so, much less reply. Subsequent requests made to senior OHCHR officials have gone ignored.

Click on image below to see original version of U.N. website with title, “Draft Outcome Document” (highlighted in green):


And then click on image below to see how the U.N. altered the title, seeking to downplay the significance of the hateful document:


The altered title now appears as the official version on the following U.N. website:



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