HRW’s Garlasco: “VERY nice Hitler signature selection”; “a visit from Hitler!”; “My Christmas wish is for peace in the Nazi collecting field”

Marc Garlasco, the Human Rights Watch miltary specialist who in recent years provided real-time reports that accused the Jewish state of war crimes and limited its self-defense from Hamas and Hezbollah attacks, has failed to reassure some his board members (see Helena Cobban here) why he has a fascination with the swastika, an adoration of Nazi memorabilia, and a reaction to Hitler that is somewhat less than revulsion.

Posting under the username Flak88, Garlasco pastes this screenshot of Hitler recieving the Nazi salute, commenting on the badges: “an interesting combo!”


August 2005, Garlasco: “Great photos starting in the Jungvolk – very sad album with the death notices for all the boys he was with. One album has a visit from Hitler!  MANY 88 pics in action. Just a great grouping!” 



Garlasco, 2004: “VERY nice Hitler signature section comparing how it changed over the years.”


Garlasco, in a post dated Nov. 11, 2005: “My Christmas wish is for peace in the Nazi collecting field (odd, huh?) and to get those guys together to bring some kind of understanding.”


Garlasco, 2008: “My idiot nephew didn’t check the ‘nazi’ show schedule and is getting married on the 22nd. I will not be denied!


Dietrich complains that items connected to the Nazi party or bearing the Swatika are banned in Germany, adding “Where is HRW when one needs it?”


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