Abu Omar, Celebrates October 7th, Glorifies Hamas Terrorists, Endorses Hostage-Killing and Ethnic Cleansing of Jews

Telegram Nickname: Abu Omar


Abu Omar’s initial response to the October 7th attack was to support the Hamas terrorists. At 11:09 AM on October 7th, Abu Omar admonished members of the group chat “not to publish the names of martyrs” to prevent their homes from being targeted by Israel. Similarly, on October 9th, Abu Omar warned group members not to publish “the names of martyrs particularly those who crossed the border” or any identifying information about them or their condition because it could aid Israel in targeting their homes and families. Again on October 16th, Abu Omar asked people not to share the footage of the attacks from the terrorist’s body cams “as there are many members of Al-Qassam’s Nukhba forces who survived and came back, and the occupation is trying to identify and assassinate them.”

On October 8th, Abu Omar celebrated and endorsed the previous day’s massacres, which he described as “our youths [Hamas terrorists] break their evil into pieces.” He repeatedly praised God for the Hamas success, elated that “their [Israeli] thrones are shaking,” “their [Israeli] state is collapsing,” “our mujahidin are roaming through the land [Israel],” and concluded by proclaiming that “our youths [Hamas terrorists] will utterly destroy whatever falls into their hands.” Abu Omar similarly endorsed the Hamas atrocities on October 12 when he wrote that 30 of his own friends and family had become “martyrs,” and he does not want “their work and what they did [i.e., their terrorists atrocities in Israel] to become scattered dust.” Therefore, he pleaded for patience so that “we” can achieve “victory.” When, on October 9th, Hamas threatened to execute hostages—a war crime—Abu Omar endorsed this as a valid tactic to get the Israeli public to pressure the government to cease its military campaign in Gaza. On December 5th, Abu Omar glorified the Hamas terrorists as “mujahidin fighting like lions in the battlefield.”

In his October 8th chat, Abu Omar also quoted verses from the Quran about Muslim victory and  supremacy over the Jews (“They [the Jews] will be stricken with disgrace wherever they go, unless they are protected by a covenant with God or a treaty with the people”), while at the same time calling to ethnically cleanse Jews—“the time of their disappearance has come” and “be glad for this is their end.” Similarly, on October 11th, Abu Omar quoted from the Quran glorifying martyrdom and describing the war as “a war of duty, glory, bravery, and pride.” 

A few days into the war, after Israel had warned Gaza civilians to evacuate, Abu Omar praised those who stayed put to serve as human shields for Hamas. On October 13th, he “saluted” the “youths of the Al-Shati refugee camp and al-Jala’ who took to the streets in their thousands to show their commitment to staying in their neighborhoods no matter the price” and commended their commitment to “jihad” and “return,” meaning returning to areas within sovereign Israeli territory.

On November 29th, in response to criticism of Hamas by another group member, Abu Omar promoted jihad and martyrdom in the pursuit of liberating Al Aqsa—“we must fight a jihad in it as it is a divine duty…We wish to become martyrs every day and God willing our martyrdom will be at the doors of Al-Aqsa Mosque as victorious liberators.” In later conversations, Abu Omar continued to disparage “demoralizing talk” critical of Hamas and prayed for victory—”we need your prayers for the resistance that God make their feet steady.”

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