“Yousif’s Mother”, Proud of Hamas Terrorists, Wants to Emulate Education They Received, Calls Jews Deceitful

Telegram Nickname: Yousif’s Mother

Additional Proof of UNRWA Affiliation: Chat history concerning UNRWA salary and screenshot of official PA form in which she listed her occupation as UNRWA teacher.


On the morning of October 7th, Yousif’s Mother praised the Hamas terrorists as “heroes” and prayed for their success (“May God protect them and bring them back to their families.”). At 7:58 AM she prayed for “God to guide their aim,” marveled at their “hearts,” and wondered how their mother’s had raised them. A few minutes later, at 7:52 AM, she commented on a video of Hamas terrorists invading Israel praying for their success—”your prayers for their guidance and steadfastness.” 

At 8:01 AM, Yousif’s Mother exalted in the Hamas atrocities as “pride that knows no boundaries” and prayed for their safe return “although they set out with the aim to become martyrs.” At the same time, she glorified the education given to these terrorist “heroes” which led them on the path of martyrdom and yearned to emulate it for her own children—“I want one of the mothers of these heroes to teach me how I should bring up my children.” At 8:17 AM, Yousif’s Mother again affirmed she was “proud” of the terrorists and admired their atrocities as “bravery in its most glorious forms.” 

Then at 8:25 on October 8th, in the context of a chat about the Israeli strikes, Yousif’s Mother warned fellow group members to “be careful” because “the Jews deceit is unbelievable.” This is a classic antisemitic trope characterizing Jews as deceitful and dishonest. 

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