Britain's Stiffening Spine Against UNHRC's Anti-Israel Bigotry

Britain switched another of its votes during the annual UN Human Rights Council assault on Israel, switching from Abstain to No on one of the five resolutions.
In last year’s March 2017 session, Britain exercised its first No vote in recent years — on an absurd resolution condemning Israel for violating the human rights of Syrians on the Golan Heights — and it delivered an exceptional statement calling out the anti-Israel bias of the UNHRC, warning they would switch all votes to No if the imbalance were not removed.
This year, Theresa May’s government was true to its word by switching yet another vote to No, on an absurd resolution condemning Israel for not following up on the malign Goldstone Report, whose core charges Judge Goldstone himself famously retracted.
The UK’s initial switch in 2016 from Yes to Abstain on two resolutions relates primarily to its opposition to the introduction that year of a “database” that would blacklist companies doing business with Jews living east of the 1949 armistice line. Britain stated in March 2016 that it would not cooperate with the blacklist, and it reiterated its opposition on Friday as well.

 RESOLUTION   2015  2016  2017  2018
 Settlements  Yes  Abstain  Abstain  Abstain
 Accountability  Yes  Abstain  Abstain  No
 Golan  Abstain  Abstain  No  No
 Human Rights in OPT  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Self- Determination  Yes  Yes   Yes  Yes

It’s good to see Britain is getting its spine back.

UN Watch