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Gulshan Abbas is a medical doctor serving a 20-year prison sentence in China. Her crime? Being the sister of @RushanAbbas, a U.S.-based activist who speaks

🇨🇳 China sits on the U.N. Human Rights Council. 🇨🇳 China is committing genocide against Uyghurs. Can you guess who are the 13 other dictatorships

2/ When I spoke out @UN_HRC for 1 million Muslim Uyghurs herded into camps by 🇨🇳 China, they went crazy and tried to shut me

🇪🇸 Spain🇸🇪 Sweden🇨🇭 Switzerland🇹🇷 Turkey🇺🇦 Ukraine🇬🇧 UK🇺🇸 US If you don't see your country on the list, ask them why they are complicit in China's

Two names given to China were dissidents we accredited: @yangjianli001 & @KadeerRebiya. Another was Uyghur activist @Dolkun_Isa: “UN officials knew that handing over the name

I suspect Mr. Tistounet ramped up his dirty tricks against UN Watch after we became one of the few to ask about the report by

“Xinjiang-related issues (the Uyghurs) are not human rights issues at all.” — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) October 11, 2022

🇨🇳 China, member of UNHRC, tells plenary: "I want to stress that Xinjiang issues are not human rights issues at all. At present, Xinjiang enjoys

The U.N. Human Rights Council just voted 19-17 to REJECT a resolution that proposed merely to hold a debate on the situation of the Uyghurs.

Cuban communist regime, perennial member of UNHRC, boasts that it helped Chinese communist regime, another perennial member of UNHRC, to defeat a resolution today that

UN human rights commissioner Michelle Bachelet has finally released her report on China's record in the Uyghur region of Xinjiang: Kowtowing to Beijing, Bachelet

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