GENEVA, May 10, 2020 — In an interview today with Sky News Australia, Executive Director of UN Watch Hillel Neuer says the powers that be at the United Nations and the World Health Organization will “fight any attempt to hold China accountable” for the spread of COVID-19.

As Australia and other western countries push for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus and China’s handling of the deadly disease, Mr. Neuer said the UN is “doing absolutely nothing to support this.”

He pointed to World Health Organization chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom who he said was “basically spouting Chinese propaganda” when he praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for his “transparency and leadership.”

Mr. Neuer told Sky News host Sharri Markson the UN like the World Health Organization is “under the influence of China” with many of the major world body’s officials and sub-organizations “effectively kowtow” to the communist country.

“We can expect that China and Russia and their allies at the UN will fight any attempt to hold China accountable throughout the UN, the WHO, or any other body where China holds considerable influence,” said Neuer.

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