China’s Jiang Duan Praising Dictatorships, Attacking Democracies

As UN Watch reported, China was appointed to a U.N. Human Rights Council panel that will select the world body’s monitors on health, freedom of speech, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances. UN Watch tweets sparked a firestorm, and thousands are signing the petition to remove China. Below are some of the prior speeches by Jiang Duan, who will be China’a representative on this influential UNHRC panel.

China’s Jiang Duan Justifies Repression in Xinjiang
UNHRC, February 28, 2019 

Mr. President, the references made by Turkey, the UK, Australia, and EU about Xinjiang in the high-level segment are based on prejudice and are simply untrue. They do not sit well with the principle of cooperation. 

Under the leadership of the communist party of China and the joint efforts of the people in Xinjiang, the region is seeing overall harmony and stability. There is rise in joys and higher level.

Mr. President, since the 1990s the separatism, extremism, and terrorism have instigated and carried out several thousand violent terrorist incidents in Xinjiang and have caused the high number of casualties among innocent civilians. The Chinese government has taken resolute measures to prevent and to fight these violent terrorist crimes. 

A number of counterterrorism and de-radicalization measures have been taken including the setting up of technical and training centers to help the small number of people who are under the influence of extremism to free themselves from the terrorist and extreme mindsets and be integrated back to the society. 

These measures have been taken according to law and have improved the situation of security and have improved the human rights of the people and supported by the people. 

Mr. President, the government at all levels in Xinjiang have strictly abided by the government policy and root laws and have protected the freedom of religion and belief and the right to use one’s own language in Xinjiang. 

The culture rights are fully protected as well. Radio and television stations in Xinjiang use Chinese, Uhgyr, and other languages in their programs. 

China is an open and hospitable country. Xinjiang is an open region. China has already invited many diplomats and journalists to visit Xinjiang. According to them, what they have seen and heard is completely different than some of the EU’s intentioned media and propaganda.  

We welcome all friendly people including the UN officials and all objective, impartial, without prejudice and who respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China to pay a visit to Xinjiang. 

We call on all countries to have a correct understanding and recognition of the counterterrorism and de-radicalization measures in Xinjiang and engage with us.

China’s Jiang Duan Praises Iraq
(UNHRC, 11 November 2019)

The Chinese delegation welcomes the high-level delegation of Iraq to participate in the UPR. We commend Iraq’s effort to promote socio-economic development, to reduce poverty and to protect the rights of women and children and other vulnerable groups. 

China commends Iraq’s positive contribution to the international counterterrorism effort. We are confident that the government and people of Iraq have the wisdom and ability to handle well their affairs and to achieve long-term peace and stability and development of the country. 


China’s Jiang Duan Opposes Resolution on North Korean Abuses
UNHRC, 22 March 2019 

Mr. President, China consistently advocates constructive dialogue and cooperation as the way to address human rights issues. 

We are opposed to any open exertion of pressure or confrontation working towards the denuclearization and permanent peace in the Korean peninsula is the train of the time as well as the common expectation and understanding of the international community.

The human rights council in its work should help to advance the political process in the Korean peninsula and contribute toward achieving the goal of denuclearization and permanent peace. 

Naming and shaming or imposition of countries specific mandate holders without consent of the countries concerned will not contribute to achieving these goals, nor will they contribute genuinely to the promotion and protection of human rights.

In view of the forgoing, China will disassociate itself from the consensus on draft resolution L.18.

China’s Jiang Duan Praises Russia’s Human Rights Record
UNHRC, 21 Sept 2018

Mr. President, The Chinese delegation commends Russia’s constructive participation in the UPR process, and welcomes its achievements in human rights since the second round of UPR, and its continuous efforts to strengthen international and national human rights protection frameworks.

China commends Russia’s positive measures in combating racial discrimination, combatting violence against women, protecting rights of women, children, and people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups. Protecting rights of minority groups and  indigenous people. Promoting tolerance and combatting all forms of intolerance. And, recognizes its progress in promoting justice, and its judicial and penitentiary reforms. China commends Russia’s positive efforts to promote economic and social development to further improve its people’s living standard. With its great input in education, key progress has been made in the note areas in this regard. 

Education of human rights and dissemination of laws also have yielded multiple achievements. China welcomes Russia’s implementation of the pre-2025 strategy on development of education, which puts children’s education at a strategic position as a priority, formulates a roadmap to develop supplement education for children, and further improves the education system. 

China thanks Russia for accepting China’s recommendations, and supports the endorsement of its report by the Council. 

China Jiang Duan Praises Cuba’s Human Rights Record
39th HRC session, 21 September 2018

Mr. President, China commends Cuba for her constructive participation in the UPR, congratulates her for her remarkable achievement in the field of human rights. Applauds her progress in human rights, economic and social development, education, health, gender equality, and the protection of the rights of the vulnerable groups. 

China thanks Cuba for accepting her recommendations, and hopes the Cuban government will continue to promote economic and social development according to a national development plan. Continue to give priority to the promotion and protection of the realization of all people’s rights to education, to continue to encourage young people to participate in social affairs. 

China supports Cuba to continue to follow a route for human rights development suited to her own conditions, and wishes Cuba more achievement in the field of human rights. China calls on the countries concerned to lift the embargo on Cuba. China supports the Council to adopt the UPR report on Cuba.

China’s Jiang Duan Backs Venezuela’s Maduro Regime
UNHRC, 26 September 2019

Mr. President, China follows closely the situation in Venezuela guided from the objective of observing UN Charter and the fundamental norms of international relations.

We maintain that the affairs in Venezuela should be addressed by parties within the country within the framework of its constitution and laws and through inclusive political dialogue and individual consultation. 

We are opposed to external interference and unilateral sanctions. We support the government of Venezuela for its efforts to safeguard its national sovereignty, independence, and stability. 

China always advocates constructive dialogue and cooperation to address difference in the field of human rights. China has noted the active cooperation of the government with the OHCR and other international agencies.

Just now Venezuela as a state concerned clearly expressed its support for draft resolution L.38/Rev. 1 and appeals to other member states to take the same position. In view of the above, China will vote in favor of draft resolution L.38/Rev.1.


China’s Jiang Duan Accuses UK of “Slavery”
UNHRC, September 19, 2017

Mr. President, China has always called on states to conduct dialogue and exchange on the human rights issues on the basis of equality and mutual respect. The council should be a platform for dialogue and cooperation, not a tool for pressure and confrontation. 

We regret to see certain states keen on using the council to make willful accusations of the human rights situation in other countries. People cannot help asking about the human rights situations in these countries themselves. 

We can see the scourge of racism in the US is deeply rooted and seeing new developments. Opinions in the US also admit the resurgence of extreme rightism, white supremacism, and neo-Nazism, which is worrying. 

The EU and its member states have serious human rights issues. In Germany, extreme rightists and neo-Nazis incite racism and xenophobia, spread racist and religious hate speeches. Violence against refugees and migrants occurs frequently and they suffer discrimination and the Africans suffer inequality. 

The UK has great phenomena of modern slavery where tens of thousands of migrant household workers suffer ill-treatment and exploitation. Racial discrimination remains serious in the UK and racism is the main cause for hate crimes.

What is equally regrettable is we hardly hear reflection and self-criticism by these countries on their own human rights issues or criticism by them on their allies. This is typical double standard and the politicization of the human rights issues. 

These countries should adopt concrete measures to resolve their own human rights issues, objectively view the human rights situation in other states and their efforts to this and to promote the healthy development of the international course of human rights through constructive dialogue and cooperation. 

Thank you. 


UN Watch

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