Full text: Gulf states endorse Saudi reasons for snubbing UNSC seat

Below are the statements by the Gulf Cooperation Council and Qatar supporting the underlying reasons invoked by Saudi Arabia in rejecting the Security Council seat it just won.
GCC Secretary General Praises Saudi Call for Security Council’s Reform
Riyadh, October 19 (QNA) – GCC Secretary General Dr. Abdul Latif bin Rashid Al Zayani has praised Saudi Arabia’s call for reform of the UN Security Council and enabling it to carry out its duties and assume its responsibilities towards maintaining international peace and security effectively and practically in accordance with the United Nations Charter.
In a statement released today, Dr. Al Zayani underlined the importance of Saudi Arabia’s call for the realization of a fundamental reform of the Security Council’s system, to support its role as the United Nations body responsible for all the major consequences of the global peace and security issues, especially that our today’s world is in dire need of the Security Council’s role, and its global legitimacy under the shadow of the expanding political and security turmoil.
He said despite international stature given by the membership of the Security Council , the apology Saudi Arabia to accept the membership of the Council because of its inability to perform its duties and carry out its responsibilities , especially towards Arab issues, stems from the historical interest of the Kingdom in the concerns of Arab nation issues, the stability of its regional neighborhood also from interest in international issues and global stability, for which the Security Council shoulders the main responsibility.
Zayani considered the position of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expressed its commitment to international legality and it keen desire to activate the role of the Security Council, the UN agencies and its various institutions, in order to achieve global calls in this regard, and to make the world more cooperative, stable and secure.
The Saudi Kingdom announced yesterday it has apologized from joining the UN Security Council after being elected a non-permanent member of the Council for two years, justifying its apology by saying that the way and mechanisms of action, the current double standards in the Security Council prevent the Council from performing its duties and assume its responsibilities towards maintaining world security and peace and as required. It said that led to the continued disruption of peace and security, the expansion of the grievances of peoples, usurpation of rights, and the proliferation of conflicts and wars around the world.
Qatar Agrees with Saudi Decision to Turn Down Security Council Seat
​Doha, October 19 (QNA) – The State of Qatar agrees with the reasons outlined by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to turn down a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, an official source from the Foreign Ministry said, adding that many nations and peoples agree with those reasons, especially the Council’s inaction on the Palestinian and Syrian issues.
The source, in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), added that Qatar hopes that the international organization and its various organs, especially the Security Council will be able to fulfill its duties and lofty goals in achieving justice and upholding international peace and security.


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