Ibrahim Ibrahim, Celebrates October 7th as “Blessed Day” and “Historical Moment”

Name: Ibrahim 

Telegram Nickname: Ibrahim Ibrahim

On October 7th, Ibrahim Ibrahim excitedly celebrated the Hamas attack. At 7:16, he advised the group that Mohammed Deif, head of the Al Qassem Brigades, would soon deliver an “important” statement to the “Palestinian people and all Arab and Islamic nations.” Twenty minutes later, at 7:37 AM he wrote “Praise God, O God, grant blessings, O Lord.” Then at 9:56 AM, responding to a photo of Hamas terrorists breaching the border fence, Ibrahim Ibrahim praised the “blessed day and a day of God.”

At 10:27 AM, Ibrahim Ibrahim cheered Hamas terrorists’ murderous takeover of one of the Israeli border kibbutzim—”Exclusive scenes of the takeover of Kibbutz…Praise be to God.” At 10:40 AM, Ibrahim Ibrahim enthused about the “Historical moments”.in response to another photo of the attack, adding that  “After seeing these scenes one is not worried about dying” because “What comes after that is not important.”

At 9:25 PM that night, Ibrahim Ibrahim was praying for the Hamas terrorists to be successful in their murderous assault—”May God guide the aim of the mujahidin.”

UN Watch