Shatha Husam Al Nawajha aka “Shatha Elnawajha,” Lauds October 7th Terrorists and Prays for Hamas Victory

Name: Shatha Husam Al Nawajha
Telegram Nickname: Shatha Elnawajha
UNRWA Contract Number: 30030836
ID Number: 411973530
Position: Math Teacher

At 7:59 AM on the morning of October 7th, Shatha Husam Al Nawajha (aka Shatha Elnawajha) prayed for the well-being and success of the Hamas terrorists in carrying out their massacre in Israel—”May God protect them and guide their aim.” She wished not only for “victory,” but also for the terrorist’s “safe” return “and with booty.” At 8:00 AM, she lauded the terrorists for taking “their destiny into their own hands,” and again prayed for God to “protect” them and make them “victorious.”

UN Watch