In The News: Miss Iraq Threatened With Citizenship Removal For UN Speech Backing Israel

On June 25, 2019, Miss Iraq Sarah Idan—recently designated as an Ambassador for Peace by UN Watch, which invited her to the United Nations—took the floor at the United Nations to support peace with Israel. Following two speeches to the UN’s highest human rights body, the Iraqi Parliament’s Security and Defense Committee reportedly called for her Iraqi citizenship to be revoked, labeling her advocacy a “crime.” (Click here for full video and transcript of Sarah Idan’s speeches to the UN Human Rights Council)
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Media Mentions & Reactions to  Sarah Idan’s UN Speech
Times of Israel: At the UN Human Rights Council, Sarah Idan denounces the Iraqi government who did not support him after receiving death threats for his photo with Miss Israel…”
i24News: Undeterred by the death threats and backlash that forced her family to flee Iraq for the United States, Idan recently joined the NGO UN Watch as an ambassador for peace…”
CNN Arabic: “Iraq’s former beauty queen, Sarah Idan, said her country’s government was revoking her citizenship for supporting Israel on the Human Rights Council…”
The Daily Mail: “Neuer said the threats against Ms. Idan were in ‘express violation’ of several of the UN resolutions which condemned all acts of intimidation by states against individuals who sought to cooperate with the United Nations…”
Forward: “After she publicly supported Israel and rebuked her government and country’s media before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva this month, some Iraqi members of parliament are calling for Sarah Idan’s citizenship to be revoked…”
NBC News Los Angeles:

NBC: Miss Iraq Threatened With Citizenship Removal for Backing Israel

OUTRAGE: Iraqi officials are threatening to revoke the citizenship of Miss Iraq Sarah Idan—UN Watch's 2019 Ambassador for Peace—in retaliation for her recent UN speech advocating peace with Israel.UN Watch is urging the U.S. & other countries to tell Iraq to back off.Full story:

Posted by UN Watch on Friday, July 12, 2019

Washington Examiner: “Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, a nongovernmental group that monitors the U.N., penned a letter to U.N. Human Rights Council President Coly Seck asking him to take action to stop Iraq from revoking Idan’s citizenship…” 
Washington Times:The watchdog group, UN Watch, called on Iraq in a statement Wednesday to stop its intimidation tactics toward Ms. Idan, who represented Iraq at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant and faced controversy there for posting pictures on social media with Israel’s entrant…”
Iraqi News: “Idan, who now lives in California, stressed that she will not remain silent on such hate campaigns, which she said pose a threat to “antisemitism” and violate her own rights…”
The Jerusalem Post: “Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan has turned to Twitter to halt a drive in Baghdad to strip her of her Iraqi citizenship after she spoke in defense of Israel at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva last month….”
The Algemeiner: “In a letter addressed to Coly Seck, president of the council, UN Watch demanded that the world body protect Idan according to Human Rights Council Resolution 36/21, intended to shield those who testify before UN bodies…”


BOOM! Miss Iraq Drops the Mic at UNHRC, Owns the Dictators

BOOM! RARE MOMENT OF TRUTH AT THE U.N.: After Syria, Pakistan, Qatar & the PLO accused Israel of "grave violations of human rights," Miss Iraq Sarah Idan—invited by UN Watch to address the United Nations—took the floor:"Two years ago, I represented Iraq at Miss Universe. I posted a photo with Miss Israel on social media. I was told to remove it and forced to denounce Israeli policies. I received death threats. Since then I can no longer return to my homeland.Why did the Iraqi government fail to condemn the threats, or allow my freedom of speech?The issue between Arabs and Israelis goes beyond policy disagreements. It’s deeply rooted in the belief systems taught in Muslim countries, which are anti-Semitic.Sadly, hatred and intolerance are reinforced by biased media. When I watched the news last month, why did they never report that the Hamas terrorist organization fired nearly 700 rockets at Israeli civilians in one weekend or that Hamas used Palestinians in Gaza as human shields? Why do they never condemn Hamas for initiating the attacks?Instead, they only show those killed by the response, in self-defense, and blame Israel. For advocating peace, I’m called a traitor. Why hasn’t a single Arab media outlet called to ask my views? Instead, they publish false translations of my statements.I’d like to remind Arab countries that today you share more common interests with Israel than the terrorist militias. Negotiating peace for both states isn’t betraying the Arab cause but a vital step to end conflict and suffering for all. Thank you."—Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, UN Watch Ambassador for Peace, addressing 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.===For full transcript, YouTube & other links:

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