Israa Abdul Kareem Mezher aka “Sun of Sunshine,” Praises October 7th Terrorists, Endorses Hostage-Killing

Name: Israa Abdul Kareem Mezher
Telegram Nickname: Sun of Sunshine
UNRWA Contract Number: 30010783
Position: Elementary School Arabic Language Teacher

On the morning of October 7th, Israa Abdul Kareem Mezher (aka Sun of Sunshine), ecstatically celebrated the Hamas terrorists and prayed for their success (“May God keep their feet steady and guide their aim”; “pray for the Mujahidin”) and safe return (“God protect them and bring them back safe”). At 7:38 AM, as news of the Hamas atrocities began to spread, Mezher cheered “God is the greatest God is the greatest.” Minutes later he shared a photo of one of the Hamas terrorists armed and in uniform, excitedly declaring that “Israel’s time is over.” In response to another group member who wondered what these “heroes” were “brought up on,” Mezher proudly proclaimed that “They imbibed jihad and resistance with their mothers’ milk.” 

At 8:15 AM, Mezher commented on a photo of a dead Hamas terrorist wearing a Hamas headband that God is giving him a “warm welcome,” adding “Our martyrs are in heaven and their [Israeli] dead are in hell.” Another group member endorsed the sentiment, saying “we are proud” of this “most glorious bravery.” At 8:28 AM, Mezher shared a photo of captured Israeli civilians stripped to their underwear and lying face down on the ground, applauding the God-granted Hamas “victory.” At 8:59 AM, Mezher captioned a photo of armed Hamas terrorists inside Israel as “awe-inspiring scenes of Al-Qassam fighters in Gaza envelope.” Mezher continued to share and comment on other “exclusive” photos of the Hamas attack. Later in the day, after Israel began its military response, Mezher called to bomb Tel Aviv, prayed to “protect our mujahedin” and lamented that most of the terrorists had become “martyrs.”

Mezher continued to applaud and encourage Hamas’s attack after October 7th. At 7:35 AM on October 10, Mezher appealed to “secure victory with the blood of the mujahidin” who should “spread their pride and glory everywhere.” Moments later, he endorsed Hamas’s hostage-taking and murder of Israeli civilians when he shared a statement by Hamas Al-Qassem Brigades Spokesman Abu Ubaydah, that Hamas would “execute the civilian hostages we took” and “broadcast it in audio and video” in response to Israeli airstrikes. 

UN Watch