Issue 638: Democracies Snub U.N. Debate Against Israel; Syria, PLO, N. Korea Attack

             Syria accused Israel of “displacement of Syrian families.”  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

  • Western democracies snubbed a U.N. Human Rights Council debate targeting Israel, held under its permanently recurring Agenda Item 7.
  • Lebanon accused the West of “double standards” for staying away from the special debate.
  • Syria, Iran, North Korea, and other regimes accused Israel of murder, aggression and apartheid. 
  • UN Watch was given 90 seconds to respond. Click here for video — highlights below.


U.N. rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called for a new world court ruling on Israel’s “non-compliance” with the 2009 Goldstone Report, which accused the Jewish state of “war crimes.”
State of Palestine: Israel persists in ethnic cleansing, building the wall of separation, racial discrimination, destruction of homes, aggression against places of worship, including yesterday, aggression against persons praying.
Syria: The council should continue to monitor under Agenda Item 7 the grave violations of the occupying power in the occupied Syrian Golan: extrajudicial killing, arbitrary detention, forced displacement, collective punishment, siege, displacement of Syrian families.
Islamic Group (56 states represented by Pakistan): The overall context is one of aggression and apartheid.
North Korea: Despite repeated calls and demands of the international community, israel continues to commit various forms of human rights violations, including the expansion of jewish settlements and murdering innocent civilians. Persistent violations of human rights and international law.
Oman: Some countries are trying to marginalize and boycott this agenda item, even though it reveals the worst violations of Palestinians’ human rights. The High Commissioner’s report reveals the impunity of Israel for its violations of international law.
UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer: Mr. Chair, as I look around the room, I note for the record that, as Oman, Lebanon and others complained, the U.S., Canada, Australia, all European Union member states, Japan, and other established democracies have boycotted this debate. I have stayed to explain why.
The democracies are absent to protest prejudice: because this is the only agenda item that singles out one specific state, the Jewish state, for differential and discriminatory treatment. Not Syria, not Sudan, not North Korea is treated this way.
Democracies like the U.S. and Canada stayed away because this debate is designed to invert terrorist and victim. On Friday, next to holy sites in Jerusalem, Palestinian terrorists carried out two simultaneous stabbing and shooting attacks, killing 23 year-old Hadas Malka. Both ISIS and Hamas claimed responsibility.
To his credit, U.N. envoy Nikolay Mladenov condemned Hamas for praising the attacks as ‘heroic.’ Yet why is it that the ‘State of Palestine’ just spoke and refused to condemn the murder? Why, instead, did his government condemn Israel for the deaths of the attackers, calling it a ‘war crime’?
The inversion of Friday’s terrorist attack is the same inversion underlying today’s report, which seeks to follow up the 2009 Goldstone Report that accused Israel of war crimes for responding to terror attacks by Hamas – just as France, the UK and every other democracy now must respond to Jihadist terrorism.
Finally, Mr. President, why is the UN still trying to implement the Goldstone Report when Goldstone himself famously retracted its core charge?
Click here for video 


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