Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim, Celebrates October 7th Attack and Calls Jews “Apes and Pigs”

Telegram Nickname: Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim


On the morning of October 7th, at 6:46 AM, Muhammad Abu Al-Qassim celebrated Hamas’s October 7th massacre and prayed for its success, writing “God is the Greatest, God guide the strikes.” At 7:52 AM, he again prayed for the terrorists to be successful in their killing, writing “May God guide their shots.”


On November 27th, while debating whether Egypt’s role in the ceasefire was positive, Abu Al-Qassim endorsed the critical view of Egypt on account of its standing with “the Jews,” meaning Israel. Abu Al-Qassim then used antisemitic language to describe Jews. He wrote—”We have two wars one against the sons of monkeys and pigs [reference to the Jews] and another against corrupt traders God curse them.”

UN Watch