Muhammad Al Zuhairi, Justifies and Celebrates October 7th Attack

Telegram Nickname: Muhammad Al Zuhairi


On the morning of October 7th, Al Zuhairi justified and celebrated Hamas’s October 7th massacre. At 6:41 AM, Al Zuhairi asserted that the massacre was in “response” to Israel’s attack on “Al-Aqsa and the prisoners.” He then celebrated the attack as “the force of God” and prayed for God to “grant guidance” to the terrorists.

At 7:17 AM, Al Zuhairi reported in the group about the Hamas attack, including its use of drones and informed members to “Expect a great statement shortly.” A few minutes later, at 7:20 AM, Al Zuhairi continued, glorifying martyrdom in battle against the enemy—“when you meet them [the enemy] show endurance and know that paradise is under the shadows of the swords.” Al Zuhairi ended by posting hashtags endorsing the Hamas attack and praying for victory—#we_suprise_them_on_their_Sabbath and #o_Allah_grant_us_victory. 


At 8:13 AM, Al Zuhairi shared a photo of the impact of an exploded rocket in Tel Aviv, commenting “Tel Aviv now.”

On October 12th, Al Zuhairi advised group members on how best to protect Hamas terrorists and their families. He cautioned group members not to provide any identifying information to female callers ostensibly offering financial rewards and asking for details about the homes of Hamas commanders.

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