North Korea to chair UN conference on disarmament!

ATS story published in Tribune de Geneve June 29, 2011

The North Korean Ambassador to the UN So Se Piong acceded this week to the presidency of the conference, in alphabetical order of the 65 member countries. He will chair the conference for four weeks.

The NGO UN Watch lamented Wednesday that the ten or so states that spoke on the occasion of the arrival of the North Korean president of the conference have not issued any criticism against the regime of Pyongyang .

“A few months after the UN expelled Libya from the Human Rights Council, North Korea has managed a propaganda coup by acceding to the presidency of the Geneva conference,” said the executive director of the UN Human Rights Council. Watch Hillel Neuer. “It’s like asking the wolf to keep the sheep and harming the credibility of the UN,” he added.

China rejoices

By contrast, Chinese Ambassador Wang Qun said he was “happy that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a neighbor and friend of China, is chairing the conference.” He said he was “convinced that with his qualities and his vast diplomatic experience, Ambassador So Se Piong could ensure positive progress at the conference,” according to the UN report.

The conference on disarmament is deadlocked because of a lack of consensus to launch negotiations on a treaty banning the production of fissile material for military purposes. She adjourned until August 2nd.

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