North Korea Rejects Human Rights Council Vote to Condemn Abuses

The Council condemned North Korea in a resolution that passed with 28 yes votes, 13 abstentions and 5 no votes. Gabon did not vote. The negative votes were Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Cuba and China. For full voting chart, click here. The delegate from the DPRK rejected the resolution, asserting that it was “full of distortions and fabrications based on political bias.” He accused the United States and the EU enacting a “policy of hostility against the DPRK” in an effort to “eliminate” the current regime.

The Council also adopted several resolutions by consensus without a vote, including the resolution submitted by Finland and Germany on the right to adequate housing during mega-events, the resolution submitted by Mexico and New Zealand on the rights of persons with disabilities, and the resolution submitted by Norway on human rights defenders.

UN Watch