UN Watch Releases Annual Rating: "Top 10 Worst U.N. Decisions of 2013"

GENEVA, December 31, 2013 – UN Watch today released its annual rating of the Top 10 Worst UN Decisions of 2013, and expressed concern that 2014 begins tomorrow with China, Cuba, Russia and Saudi Arabia taking their new seats on the UN Human Rights Council.
“When the UN gives credit to oppressive regimes, millions of human rights victims pay the price,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based human rights group. “Instead of elevating and legitimizing dictatorships, the UN should be advocating for the release of their political prisoners.”
On the eve of the UNHRC’s annual session, on February 25, 2014, UN Watch will gather some of the world’s most courageous champions of human rights for its 6th annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy, to put a spotlight on urgent situations that require the UN’s attention. Journalists can register here.
Top 10 Worst U.N. Decisions of 2013

  1. The UN Human Rights Council elected Hezbollah supporter Jean Ziegler, founder and recipient of the Muammar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize, as a top advisor.
  2. The UN General Assembly adopted 21 condemnatory resolutions against Israel, compared to 4 on the rest of the world combined.
  3. The same UN General Assembly elected China, Cuba, Russia, and Saudi Arabia to the UN Human Rights Council. The dictatorships will take their new seats on January 1, 2014.
  4. UN human rights expert Richard Falk blamed the Boston Marathon terror bombings on “the American global domination project” and “Tel Aviv.”
  5. The UN Special Committee on Decolonization, charged with upholding fundamental human rights and opposing the subjugation of peoples, elected the murderous Syrian regime to a senior post.
  6. The UN Conference on Disarmament in May 2013 made Iran its president.
  7. The UN Economic and Social Council, which oversees the UN women’s rights commission, elected genocidal Sudan as its vice-president.
  8. The UN Human Rights Council elected slave-holding Mauritania to be its vice-president.
  9. The UN chose Zimbabwe, a regime that systematically violates human rights, to host its world tourism summit.
  10. UNESCO, which condemned no other country but Israel, and which was silent as Hamas bulldozed a world heritage site to make a terrorist training camp, allowed Syria to sit as a judge on UNESCO’s human rights committee.
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