UN: Don’t Elect Cuba to Human Rights Council

Cuba is running for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council on Oct. 28, 2016
Cuba’s official UN campaign pledge includes the following absurd claims:

  • Cuba attaches the “greatest importance” to international cooperation for the “promotion and protection” of all human rights within the United Nations
  • Cuba reaffirms its readiness to “continue working tirelessly” to achieve the shared goal of “enabling all individuals and peoples” throughout the world to “enjoy all human rights”
  • Cuban women and men have made “significant progress” in the “enjoyment of all their human rights.”
  • The Cuban people are the “masters of their political fate” and the country’s resources, exercise the “fullest power and control over the country’s life”, and “participate actively” in the “effective system of democracy” that they designed and approved in a universal plebiscite.

The campaign pledge also includes this line:

  • “In October 2007, [Cuba] received the Special Rapporteur on the right to food.”

This was a sham visit by UNHRC official Jean Ziegler, founder of the “Mummar Qaddafi Human Rights Prize,” and a notorious apologist for the Castro regime.

Full Text: Cuba’s Absurd Campaign Pledge

Cuban Human Rights Activist Maria Werlau speaks on Cuba’s candidacy at at UN press conference:

Full Text of Maria Werlau’s Statement


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