Swiss parliament slams own government's U.N. nomination of Qaddafi Prize founder

65 NGOs strongly opposed Jean Ziegler

GENEVA, August 20 – UN Watch applauded the Swiss parliament today for declaring the U.N. nomination of Jean Ziegler — co-founder, co-manager, and 2002 recipient of the Muammar Gaddafi Human Rights Prize —  “inappropriate.”
The parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee today called on Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter to cancel the bid, which was made over the opposition of more than 65 NGOs and human rights activists who strongly objected to Ziegler because of his ties to dictators. See here and here.
U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power similarly said last week that Ziegler was “unfit” for the UN post.
“The declaration of the Swiss parliament is a victory for the reputation of Switzerland, for common sense, and for opponents of dictatorship worldwide,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. The Geneva-based human rights group has exposed Ziegler’s support for Qaddafi and other dictators. See newly released photos showing Ziegler’s role in the Qaddafi prize.
“The victims of Muammar Qaddafi, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe, and the Hezbollah terrorist organization — whom Ziegler has supported — won a moral victory today.”
“While Ziegler bizarrely denies his well-documented role in creating, managing and winning the Muammar Gaddafi Human Rights Prize, a 2011 report by Swiss TV proved that he is lying.”

UN Watch

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