The Council should protect women and refugees in the Central African Republic

UN Watch Statement
Human Rights Council, 28th Session
Item 10: ID with IE on the Central African Republic
24 March 2015

Delivered by Ms. Alyssa Scheiner

Thank you Mr. President.
UN Watch thanks the independent expert for her oral update on the human rights situation in the Central African Republic.
We are deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation, particularly concerning violence against women and access to health care in refugee camps.
Intercommunal conflict between former members of the Seleka and anti-Balaka militias plague the CAR. The fighting and increased violence have forced more than 190,000 people to flee their homes.
Both militias are responsible for using rape against women. Women’s rights are not enforced and there is no specific law criminalizing domestic abuse. The abuse of women in the CAR needs to end immediately.
Additionally, the alarming number of refugees and refugee camps pose a major problem in the CAR. No modern health care facilities exist outside of Bangui and the health of refugees are left to underfunded and understaffed NGOs. In the M’poko refugee camp located outside Bangui Airport, Medecins Sans Frontiers could only employ 33 doctors to treat 33,000 people. Because of the chaos, it is impossible for organizations to distribute necessary food or drugs to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. These people do not have water, latrines, shelter, they have nothing, and no help is coming.
Aid has been minimal, and even that has been focused on the capital and not sufficiently on the outlying regions.
The responsibility of the international community is to assist all people of the Central African Republic in order for them to live safely with their basic needs met.
Madam Independent Expert,
We would like to ask; how do you envision empowering women to contribute to the stabilization of the country and to minimize the scourge of sexual violence? Second, how do you plan to increase support for international organizations to assist all people of the Central African Republic?
Thank you.


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