The UN should do more for people of Libya, Afghanistan, South Sudan

UN Watch Statement
Human Rights Council, 28th Session
Item 10: GD on HC/SG/OHCHR country reports
26 March 2015
Delivered by Edwina Tam
Thank you, Mr. President.
UN Watch is deeply concerned with the dire human rights situations in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Libya.
First, in regard to South Sudan, the report of the High Commissioner notes that the human rights situation continues to be of grave concern, despite a decline in the scale of reported violations. These include killing and wounding of civilians, ethnically targeted killings, gender-based violence and the curtailing of the freedom of expression.
Second, UN Watch is also deeply concerned with the situation in Afghanistan. The contested security, political, and economic transitions have negatively affected the problems in the country. Attacks by anti-government elements have led to more ground engagements and a significant rise in civilian casualties. We also note with concern the continuing widespread acts of violence against women and girls and impunity for abusive detention practices, including torture. For true reforms to take place, those who commit human rights violations should be held accountable for their actions.
Third, UN Watch is gravely concerned by the situation of human rights in Libya. The report by the High Commissioner documents the abductions carried out by armed groups, some of which are affiliated with Libya Dawn and Operation Dignity among others. In addition to the political unrest in Libya, attacks on of the judicial system further undermine the effective administration of justice and the possibility of reforms.
Mr. President,
UN Watch calls upon this Council to take action to protect the innocent civilians in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Libya and to do more to closely monitor the human rights situation and document the abuses. In that regard, the council should consider addressing these three countries under item 4 and to establish special rapporteurs in order to monitor and report on the human rights situations, and prevent a protection gap.
Thank you, Mr. President.

UN Watch