UN General Assembly failed to condemn Hamas, but adopts additional anti-Israel resolution

Today the UN General Assembly condemned Israel while failing to condemn Hamas due to procedural obstacles.

For the full chart of the 20 UNGA country condemnations being adopted in November/December 2018, please click here.

A motion was made to require a two-thirds majority on the U.S.-led resolution condemning Hamas. The motion passed by a vote of 75 – 72 – 26. Here are the results:

Resolutions put to a vote:

1. “Activities of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza” [A/73/L.42]: Rejected by a vote of 87 – 57 – 33. Two-thirds majority was required.

2. “Comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East” [A/73/L.49]: Adopted by a vote of 156 – 6 – 12.




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