UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer was at the headquarters of the World Health Organization in Geneva, where they just concluded the annual world health assembly, to demand action against China’s undue influence at the U.N. agency.

See video below — and sign our petition to tell the WHO: Fire Chau now.


Due to Chinese pressure, Taiwan was denied a place at the table.

That’s too bad.

Taiwan has been a world success story in fighting the Coronavirus. They’ve got something to teach the rest of the world, and every country — including China — must surely want to know the secret.

The chief outcome of this week’s assembly was the adoption of a resolution creating an independent inquiry into the W.H.O.’s actions in responding to the pandemic.

We don’t know yet how impartial the inquiry will be — but we do know this: a genuine inquiry is desperately needed.

Because we know what China did. Authorities covered up the initial outbreak, punished those who tried to sound the alarm and save lives — like the courageous Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan — and fought other countries’ efforts to stop the spread of the disease, by measures such as travel restrictions.

And we know what the World Health Organization did during this time. As reported by Der Spiegel, the WHO held off from declaring a global health emergency, under pressure and threats from Beijing.

The WHO and its chief Tedros repeatedly lavished praise on Chinese President Xi Jinping, and his regime, for their “seriousness,” “transparency” and “leadership” in handling the pandemic.

And today, in Newsweek magazine, UN Watch revealed something else. We exposed the actions of WHO Goodwill Ambassador James Chau. He’s a British-born news presenter on the English channel of Chinese state TV, and a global voice for China’s totalitarian regime.

Using his WHO title very prominently, Chau is being paid by China to run a non-stop propaganda machine on Beijing’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak, whitewashing its crimes on global television and across multiple social media platforms.

Friends, this is real. China’s influence over the world’s top health organization is more severe than anyone ever imagined.

If the WHO and Tedros want to begin to restore their credibility, they need to remove James Chau from his position as Goodwill Ambassador. Now.


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