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UN Watch in the News — November 2021

UN Watch was quoted in multiple media outlets during November 2021 on topics including: UNRWA claims financial crisis; Hillel Neuer addresses Australian group on delegitimization of Israel at the UN; Toronto School Board cancels Yazidi Nobel Prize Winner.

Cited in Newsweek, “The United Nations Is Giving the Names of Uyghur Dissidents to China,” Nov. 14, 2021:

The United Nations, the very institution created to “reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights,” is assisting China in its violent efforts to wipe out the Uyghurs by helping the CCP cover its tracks. These were the findings of a recent report in Le Monde about the efforts of UN human rights officer-turned whistleblower Emma Reilly. Reilly claims that prior to every UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in recent years, China has requested the names of Uyghur and other Chinese dissidents who were scheduled to speak. And despite this being explicitly forbidden by the UN’s own rules, the UN, according to Reilly, has made it a practice to share this information with Chinese authorities, who use it to harass the dissidents’ families who are still based in China.

Shockingly, world leaders are also aware of the practice. In 2019, UN Watch Executive Director, Hillel Neuer, sent letters to the Geneva delegations of the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Sweden, detailing instances of Chinese dissidents’ names (some of whom are citizens of Western nations) being shared by the UN. Citing China’s history of retaliating against human rights activists, Neuer explained that “providing China or any other government with names of dissidents accredited to attend UN sessions in advance of the sessions is harmful and potentially life-threatening to dissidents and their families, particularly family members still in China.”

Quoted on Fox News, “UN Human Rights Office accused of helping China keep an eye on dissidents,” Dec. 14, 2021:

UNRWA Claims Financial Crisis

Quoted in the Jerusalem Post, “UNRWA chief: We face collapse from political attacks and lack of funds,” Nov. 16, 2021:

The UN Relief and Works Agency that services Palestinian refugees is close to collapse due to vicious political attacks and lack of funding, its commissioner, General Philippe Lazzarini, told a donor conference in Brussels.

Hillel Neuer, who is executive director of the NGO UN Watch, stood outside the UNRWA conference venue in Brussels and handed out information against the agency.

Neuer is among those who has charged that textbooks used in UNRWA schools have promoted antisemitism and incitement against Israel. He also released a study this year that provided examples of antisemitic media posts by some UNRWA staff.

“I’m here urging delegations from the US, EU, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Switzerland and many other countries to demand that their money to UNRWA – our taxpayer funds – not go to teachers who glorify Hitler,” Neuer said.

Cited by The Algemeiner, “Erdan: UNRWA ‘Perpetuates’ Israeli-Palestinian Conflict as Donor Conference Underway,” Nov. 18, 2021:

The watchdog group UN Watch reported in August that more than 100 UNRWA teachers and staffers have promoted antisemitism and incitement to terrorism on social media. As a result of the report, UNRWA allegedly suspended several of its employees. UN Watch also discovered that textbooks distributed at UNRWA schools incited violence against Israel.

Outside the conference, UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer handed an appeal to government officials before they headed into the conference, saying UNRWA should be held accountable “for its teachers who poison the minds of Palestinian schoolchildren with incitement to antisemitism and terrorism.”

He also called on delegations from around the world “to demand that their money to UNRWA—our taxpayer funds—not go to teachers who glorify Hitler.”

UN Watch Executive Director Addresses Australian Group on Delegitimization of Israel at UN

Featured in the Australian Jewish News, “‘Delegitimisation ground zero’,” Nov. 22,  2021:

THE United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) “is persecuting the Jews through the State of Israel, using the language and terminology of international law and human rights”, UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer has told an Australian audience.

Addressing the UIA NSW AGM from a hotel in Brussels – where a UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) conference was taking place – Neuer noted the many commissions of inquiry created by the UNHRC against Israel, saying, “I would say we’re almost in a mode of not inquiry, but Inquisition.

“The Human Rights Council, I would say is ground zero for the delegitimisation of Israel.”

But he said the UNHRC’s latest commission of inquiry, which will be ongoing, is especially problematic.

“It’s a permanent commission of inquiry on Israel and supposedly Hamas, but we know it means against Israel. It has no end to its mandate,” he said.

“This latest commission of inquiry has something new. It says it’s going to investigate ‘systemic discrimination’. I think they meant to use the word ‘systemic’, that’s the buzzword today in America.

Toronto School Board Cancels Yazidi Nobel Winner

Quoted in Christianity Daily, “Toronto School Board Cancels Yazidi Nobel Peace Prize Winner Because Her Account As An ISIS Sex Slave Could Foster ‘Islamophobia’,” Nov. 23, 2021:

The Toronto District School Board superintendent reportedly canceled Yazidi Nobel Peace Prize Winner Nadia Murad’s book launching event because what she has written on being an ISIS sex slave could allegedly foster “Islamophobia.”

Not The Bee reported that Murad got canceled by the Toronto School Board superintendent because her graphic stories on her horrific experience from the ISIS may lead people to dislike Islam. The outlet pointed to a tweet by International lawyer Hillel Neuer on Sunday announcing what happened to Murad.

“Toronto District School Board superintendent vetoes student book event with Yazidi activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad because her memoir about being captured and sexually enslaved by Islamic State terrorists “would foster Islamophobia,” Neuer said.

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