UNESCO: "Palestinians issue ultimatum" on Jerusalem resolution

GENEVA, Oct, 25 — The Palestinians and Jordanians issued an ultimatum today to 21 countries who will vote tomorrow at the World Heritage Committee: “confirm that you will give us unanimous support as agreed in Istanbul or ‘we will consider our options’— meaning, we will toughen the decision on Jerusalem,” reported Israeli ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shamma-HaCohen.
The Palestinians and Jordanians are seeking to pass the decision tomorrow by consensus and without a vote.
“UNESCO’s absurd resolutions on Jerusalem are sending a dangerous message, and are actually praised by terrorist organizations like Hamas,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, the Geneva-based non-governmental monitoring group.
“At a time when Islamic extremists and governments throughout the Middle East are decimating religious minorities, destroying religious sites, or denying religious freedom, UNESCO should be celebrating the one liberal democracy in the region that upholds freedom of religion, and in which religious minorities flourish.”
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