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Is UNHRC's inquiry on Gaza protests fair?

The question facing the Commission of Inquiry into Israel’s “assault” on Gaza “civilian protests” is whether they will exercise independence of scope, thought and action,

Top Tweets of the Week: Nov 24-Dec 1

Trending UN Watch tweets: Western governments’ asylum offers to recently-acquitted Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi are revealed as empty promises; Canada deviates from the rest of the

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 17-Dec 31

Trending UN Watch tweets: UNRWA claims that its pro-terrorist tweet was published due to “unauthorized” access to UNRWA’s twitter account; UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer visits

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 9-Dec 15

Trending UN Watch tweets: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is called out for holding onto power as he enters his 15th year of a 4-year

Top Tweets of the Week: Dec 2-Dec 8

Trending UN Watch tweets:  France and the UN Human Rights Office apply a double standard regarding police violence in response to the Yellow Vest riots; the

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