UNRWA often denies these pro-Jihadis are staff. So our report gives proof. Here's UNRWA then-director @GwynLewis12: “Dear Arwa, you were one of the best staff.

Meet @UNRWA teacher Arwa al-Najjar. She praised Palestinian terrorist Udai Tamimi for “curing the wounds of the homeland.” Translation: “His left-hand presses down on his

In June, @UNRWA teacher Zaher Fanous posted a video—he's a TEACHER funded by US, German, EU, UK, Canadian taxpayers—encouraging Palestinian children to engage in violence.

Translation: “Think not of those who slain for Allah as dead. Nay, they live in presence of their Lord. Do not think Allah is heedless

UNRWA teacher Fanous shared a video glorifying Lion’s Den Palestinian terrorists killed in a raid on their bomb-making factory. The text refers to Israel as

“Happy holidays, Tel Aviv.”—UNRWA teacher Zaher Fanous, praising burning cars and bus caused by Hamas rockets fired at Israeli civilians. See his post here: https://t.co/6dbGd0yUpG

If you're just tuning in, we're exposing teachers at the UN agency for Palestinians — funded by all of us — who call to murder

It’s deeply concerning that a UN agency’s teaching materials and teachers incite #antisemitism, glorify terrorism, and demonize Israelis. @IMPACT_SE and @UNWatch’s UNRWA report should be

These gruesome photos liked by Nimer were actually posted by another UNRWA teacher previously identified by UN Watch in a 2017 report: https://t.co/6eC47CClji The hate

UNRWA's Riad Nimer liked a post praising a gruesome Jerusalem synagogue attack where Palestinian terrorists used axes to murder five Jewish worshippers and a Druze

This is the video posted by @UNRWA teacher Riad Nimer. It calls to follow in the footsteps of the terrorist Ibrahim al-Nabulsi, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

Meet Riad Nimer, UNRWA teacher in Lebanon. He posted a video of the funeral of Jihadi terrorist Ibrahim al-Nabulsi and hailed him as a “pure

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