PLO fails to stop British officer blasting U.N.’s Pillay Commission for Putin-style disinformation

UN Human Rights Council, debate on the Commission of Inquiry on Israel, June 14, 2022

Navi Pillay, Chair of Inquiry: “It is clear from our review that this state of ‘perpetual occupation’ of Palestine and longstanding discrimination in both Israel and Palestine is a core underlying root cause of ongoing violence.”

State of Palestine: “The occupying power has stoked the fury of the Palestinian people through its colonial occupation leading to racial segregation and apartheid.”

Venezuela: “Inhuman bombing of civilians, war crimes and crimes against humanity are part of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing to wipe all trace of Palestinian community off the face of the earth. We will continue to denounce the colonial and apartheid policy of Israel which fosters terror, harassment and discrimination.”

Syria: “The insistence on perpetuating the Israeli occupation, its colonial settlement practices and its racial discrimination policies constitute flagrant violations of Security Council resolutions and cause massive and systematic violations of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

Cuba: “We agree with the report that the occupation, the blockade of Palestinian territories, persistent discrimination against Palestinians, forced displacement, demolitions, the expansion of illegal settlements, among other factors, will continue to contribute to fueling cycles of violence.”

Iran: “Where the oppressed people are left at the mercy of a merciless occupier, where the oppressors enjoy absolute impunity for their incessant crimes and rights abuses, and where there are no prospects of a just end to their plight, could any decent man or woman denounce the Palestinians’ right to resist?”

Malaysia: “Israel’s denial of basic civil rights, imposition of harsh conditions, large-scale land and property confiscation, and numerous inhuman acts against Palestinians are tantamount to the crimes of apartheid.”

European Union: “The EU condemns the recent increase in acts of violence, firmly condemns settler-related incidents, and calls for accountability.”

France: “France deplores the continuation of the colonization policy, illegal under international law, which fuels violence and undermines a political settlement.”

COL. RICHARD KEMP, ON BEHALF OF UN WATCH: “Mr. President, this commission of inquiry is equivalent to Putin’s propaganda machine. The disinformation from Moscow justifies their illegal war on Ukraine; the disinformation from today’s report justifies Hamas’s illegal war on Israel.

I wish to address the commissioners. Putin wrongfully says an illegitimate Ukrainian state occupies Russian territory; you wrongfully say an illegitimate Israeli state occupies Palestinian territory.

Putin falsely says his war is to protect Russian-speakers in Ukraine; you falsely say Hamas’s violence is to protect religious rights in Jerusalem.

Why is this commission swallowing Hamas’s lies — hook, line and sinker — and amplifying them with a megaphone that contorts reality into a travesty of human rights?

Neither this commission nor Putin count Hamas as terrorists. You back them with words while Putin backs them with guns.

Today’s report validates and encourages Hamas’s terror tactics, just as it outrageously denigrates Israel’s lawful defense.

Your work here today ensures renewed bloodshed tomorrow. It incites hatred of Jews around the world, and cruelly betrays the Palestinian people.”

HRC President: “Excuse me, I have to interrupt you — there is a point of order asked by the State of Palestine.”

Palestinian Representative: “Thank you very much indeed, sir. I would just like to reiterate your call on everyone to respect the mandate of this council and to stick to using respectful language. Such interventions, President, perpetuate the crimes and the violence that we have seen during the funeral of the Palestinian journalist who was killed. This language is an ongoing feature of the violence that is in Palestine. So, President, I will call on you to put an end to the statement of the current speaker. Thank you.”

HRC President: “Thank you, Your Excellency. I would only like to recall what I have just said minutes ago, with regard to respect of the language in this forum commensurate to the discussions on human rights. With this, I return the floor to the speaker, and ask him to conclude his speech.”

Col. Kemp: “This report incites hatred of Jews around the world, and cruelly betrays the Palestinian people. Before Putin was expelled from this body, he voted to create your commission of inquiry, and now—like Hamas—he has endorsed your report. I can think of no greater indictment.”


UN Watch