UN Watch Warned UNRWA About Staff Support for Terror Since 2015

Since August 2015, UN Watch has been repeatedly warning UNRWA, in detailed reports, about systematic and widespread promotion of terrorism and antisemitism among its staff on social media. We have documented over 180 cases of UNRWA staff incitement to terrorism and antisemitism on Facebook and Telegram in 11 separate reports, all based on public information. Some of the most egregious examples are listed below.

UNRWA repeatedly refused to meet with UN Watch to discuss warnings about their staff support for terrorism.

Instead, UNRWA’s response was to repeatedly attack UN Watch.

Warnings Sent to UNRWA

September 2015 Report: Warned UNRWA about 12 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Ramy Alshorbasy: Posts antisemitic blood libel depicting cabal of cackling ultra-Orthodox Jews, crudely stereotyped with claws and earlocks, laughing at the fate of Palestinian babies being burned.
  • UNRWA employee Wael Sallouh: Celebrates the June 2014 kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens.

October 2015 Report: Warned UNRWA about 10 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Hiba Miari: Celebrates wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews with a cartoon of a masked Palestinian playing music on a giant knife.
  • UNRWA employee Hani Al Ramahi: Posts a violent image of a Keffiyeh-clad Palestinian against the backdrop of the Dome of the Rock, holding a bloody knife with the Palestinian flag with the caption “Stab Zionist dogs.”

November 2015 Report: Warned UNRWA about 10 perpetrators, including UNRWA teacher Mazen Abo Hady: Celebrates terror attacks and lauds as “martyrs” the Palestinian terrorists who killed three people in a stabbing and shooting attack on a Jerusalem bus.

February 2017 Report: Warned UNRWA about 41 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Ghanem Naim Ghoneim: Venerates “wonderful” Hitler.
  • UNRWA employee Omar Asaad: Admires Hitler by posting his picture with a quote “I could have killed all the world’s Jews, but I left some so that the world would know why I killed them.”
  • UNRWA assistant head teacher Mohammad Alsayyed: Praises “awesome kidnapping” of three Israeli teens.
  • UNRWA principal Hussein Amrah: Glorifies violence and celebrates murder of Israelis.
  • UNRWA employee Tarek Abu Ghazaleh: Endorses the gruesome mass murder of Jewish rabbis at a Jerusalem synagogue.

April 2017 Report: Warned UNRWA about 61 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Mohamed Soliman: Admires Hitler and endorses Palestinian knife attacks against Israelis.
  • UNRWA teacher Mohamad Fahed: Glorifies Hamas founder Ahmed Yassin and incites against Jews by calling on them to “go back to Europe where they came from.”

September 2019 Report: Warned UNRWA about 10 perpetrators, including UNRWA principal Mudalalah Louz: Teaches children to destroy Israel.

August 2021 Report: Warned UNRWA about 22 perpetrators, including UNRWA math teacher Nahed Sharawi:  Posts Hitler video depicting him as an inspirational philosopher.

June 2022 Report: Warned UNRWA about 10 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Nihaya Awad: Endorses Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and encourages Hamas exploitation of Palestinian child soldiers.
  • UNRWA teacher Elham Mansour: Advocates killing Jews and Israelis, “By Allah, anyone who can kill and slaughter any Zionist and Israeli criminal, and doesn’t do so, doesn’t deserve to live. Kill them and pursue them everywhere…”
  • UNRWA teacher Hana’a Daoud: Endorses Hamas terrorism and incites killing of Jews, “O Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

March 2023 Report: Warned UNRWA about 10 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Adnan Shteiwi: Glorifies perpetrator of March 2022 Bnei Brak shooting attack as a “martyr” whose name should “forever remain in letters of fire, might, and magnificence.”
  • UNRWA teacher Riad Nimr: Glorifies terrorist commander as “martyr” and “noblest of souls” and celebrates mass murder in Jerusalem synagogue.
  • UNRWA employee Labibeh Iskandarani: Celebrates Adolf Hitlerby sharing a photograph of Hitler, calling on him to wake up because “there are still some people you need to burn.”

November 2023 Report:  Warned UNRWA about 20 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Osama Ahmed: Celebrates October 7th massacre as it unfolds by posting “Allah is Great, Allah is Great, reality surpasses our wildest dreams.”
  • UNRWA school principal Iman Hassan: Justifies October 7th massacre as “restoring rights” and “redressing” Palestinian “grievances.”
  • UNRWA Training Center Director Rawia Helles: Glorifies October 7th terrorist as “hero,” “raider,” and “prince of Khan Younis.”

January 2024 Report: Warned UNRWA about 30 perpetrators, including:

  • UNRWA teacher Israa Abdul Kareem Mezher: Celebrates October 7th Hamas massacre “God is the greatest God is the greatest” and declares “Israel’s time is over.”
  • UNRWA teacher Waseem Medhat Abu El Ula: Calls to kill Israelis—“execute the first settler”—and prays for the success of the October 7th
  • UNRWA teacher Moreed Abdulazizz Issa: Celebrates October 7th Hamas massacre “What we did exceeded expectations… What they do after doesn’t matter.”
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