Report PDF: UNRWA’s Terrorgram


WASHINGTON, January 29, 2024 — A new UN Watch report exposes a 3000-member Telegram chat group of UNRWA Teachers in Gaza who cheered and celebrated Hamas’s October 7th massacre while at the same time asking when their UNRWA salaries will be paid.

Entitled “UNRWA’s Terrorgram,” the new report focuses on 30 UNRWA teachers who among other things called for the execution of Israelis, shared instructions on how to aid Hamas’ efforts, and proclaimed they would like to emulate the teachings that the October 7th terrorists received with their own children. This evidence was collected and analyzed by the non-governmental organization UN Watch, an independent human rights monitoring group based in Geneva. The report also provides abundant evidence to corroborate the fact that the group is made for and by UNRWA teachers with thousands of files including UNRWA training instructions, employee lists, UNRWA contracts, educational materials, and UNRWA staff bulletins over several years.

The new cases are in addition to over 150 cases of UNRWA educators and staff who were exposed for promoting hate and violence in UN Watch’s reporting on UNRWA since 2015.

Several donor states have suspended funding to the agency over the past weekend in response to credible allegations that 12 UNRWA employees took part in the October 7th attack. UNRWA’s Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, made a statement on Friday announcing that he has “taken the decision to immediately terminate the contracts of these staff members and launch an investigation in order to establish the truth without delay.” In this context, UN Watch’s Executive Director, Hillel Neuer, will be presenting the Terrorgram report tomorrow before U.S. Congress.


The UNRWA teachers identified in this report are:

  1. Israa Abdul Kareem Mezher (Group Admin), UNRWA Contract Number: 30010783. On October 7th, he excitedly celebrated the Hamas massacre “God is the greatest God is the greatest” and declared “Israel’s time is over.”
  2. Waseem Medhat Abu El Ula (Group Admin), UNRWA Contract Number: 30026402. Calls to kill Israelis— “execute the first settler” —and prays for terrorists’ success.
  3. Safaa Mohammad Al Najjar (Group Admin), UNRWA Contract Number 30026166. On October 7th, she praised Hamas Mujahidin (“holy warriors”).
  4. Abdallah Mehjaz (Group Admin), LinkedIn Profile confirms he is an UNRWA teacher. Urges Gaza civilians not to leave harm’s way, and instead to serve as human shields for Hamas.
  5. Moreed Abdulaziz Issa, UNRWA Contract Number: 30016859. On October 7th, he celebrated the Hamas massacre of Israelis “What we did exceeded expectations… What they do after doesn’t matter.”
  6. Shatha Husam Al Nawajha, UNRWA Contract Number: 30030836. On October 7th, she prayed for the success of the Hamas terrorists— “May God protect them and guide their aim.” She also wished for the terrorists’ “victory” and for their “safe return” with “booty.”
  7. Yousif’s Mother,” chat history includes conversations about her UNRWA salary. On October 7th, she praised Hamas terrorists as “heroes,” marveled at their “hearts,” and prayed for God to “guide their aim.”
  8. Ibrahim Sami El Sultan, UNRWA Contract Number: 30016429. On October 7th, he cheered Hamas’s hostage-taking.
  9. Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Hussein Zaqout, chat history includes conversations about his UNRWA salary. He prayed to “break the Jews and their camp.”
  10. Yaser,” posed in front of his classroom blackboard. Posted “Oh, how much I hate the Jews.”
  11. Abu Omar,” celebrates October 7th, glorifies Hamas terrorists and instructs fellow teachers on how to help them escape, and endorses hostage-killing and genocide of Jews.
  12. Muhammad Al Zuhairi,” justifies and celebrates the October 7th attack.
  13. Ibrahim Ibrahim,” Celebrates October 7th as “Blessed
    Day” and “Historical Moment”
  14. Maha Khalil Hammad, Prays for Safety of Hamas Terrorists
  15. FR Mohamed,” praises October 7th terrorists, and rejects Israel’s right to exist.
  16. Asma Asma,” venerates Hamas terrorists.
  17. Fattouma Salem,” celebrates the Hamas attack.
  18. Salim Alawaity,” supports Hamas terrorists
  19. Muhammad Abu Al-Qasim,” celebrates the October 7th attack and calls Jews “apes and pigs.”
  20. Amna Shehada,” celebrates the October 7th attack.
  21. Amal Saleh,” endorses Hamas resistance.
  22. Gaith,” endorses Hamas terrorism.
  23. Umm Hossam,” backs murderous Hamas terrorists for “doing their duty.”
  24. Manael,” encourages Gazans to serve as human shields for Hamas.
  25. Abu Yaseen,” Chat history includes information
    on how to complete UNRWA training. He posts a picture to glorify terrorism for children.
  26. Alhamdulilah,” endorses Hamas atrocities.
  27. Ebtesam,” supports Hamas.
  28. Ahmad Abu Laila,” chat history includes discussions about UNRWA salaries and student test scores. He celebrates Hamas rockets.
  29. Hadeel A. Baset Mahdi, UNRWA Contract Number: 30022924.  He glorifies Hamas terrorism.
  30. Weam Majdi Kalloub, UNRWA Contract Number: 10777281. He celebrates the May 2021 Lod pogrom.


Call to Action:

The report calls on UNRWA’s donor states to:

  • Demand that UNRWA implement its stated “Zero Tolerance” policy for employees who incite racism or murder, by immediately terminating such employees, and prominently publicizing on its website and social media these and other actions it is taking to root out such insidious conduct by UN staff, including the perpetrators listed in our previous reports;
  • Establish, in concert with other like-minded donor states, an independent and impartial investigation with the mandate to examine the nature and extent of incitement to antisemitism and terrorism among UNRWA teachers and other staff, and in UNRWA educational materials, and to recommend remedial action;
  • Demand that UNRWA provide an explanation as to why some employees identified in UN Watch’s reports were placed on paid leave rather than unpaid leave, as well as an explanation of what criteria determines whether an UNRWA employee who incites antisemitic hatred or terrorism receives a warning, dismissal or other disciplinary measures;
  • Demand that UNRWA publicly disclose the names and records of completion of what
    it states is mandatory teacher training on neutrality, non-violence, tolerance, and conflict resolution, as well as on its teacher-centered approach;
  • Determine and disclose which of the people identified as having posted antisemitism and terrorist incitement on social media, in this report and all previous reports, is still
    employed by UNRWA, and thereby potentially
    being funded by them;
  • Demand that UNRWA conduct a thorough investigation of its facilities and put an immediate stop to all antisemitic or terrorist-inciting activities and images found there;
  • Work with UNRWA to implement effective monitoring and controls to ensure the
    neutrality of UNRWA facilities, UNRWA educational materials, and staff and make
    public its activities in this regard;
  • Demand that UNRWA be in full compliance with its neutrality obligations prior to releasing any further funds to UNRWA.


UN Watch