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“Algeria, where are your Jews?”
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"Algeria, where are your Jews?" – Hillel Neuer at U.N.

"Algeria, where are your Jews?" My clash at the United Nations with the world's worst regimes. Whenever the dictators try to silence me, they achieve the opposite effect.

Posted by Hillel Neuer on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Son of Hamas Stuns the U.N. into Silence:
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U.N. Stunned as Palestinian Exposes PLO Lies

EPIC MOMENT: U.N. stunned, Palestinian delegates in shock, as UN Watch brings surprise guest speaker—Palestinian Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as the Son of Hamas & the Green Prince —to expose PLO lies on U.N.'s "Hate Israel Day." Watch heads turn!===Learn more: www.unwatch.orgSign up: so we can do more:*YouTube:*Twitter:*Transcript:——עכשיו עם כתוביות!*HEBREW FB:*HEBREW YouTube:

Posted by UN Watch on Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Fighting anti-Israel bigotry at the UN:

Libyan chair of racism conference stunned by surprise testimony of Palestinian tortured by Qaddafi regime:

UN Watch reveals election of Saudi Arabia to the U.,N. women’s rights commission:

Goldstone Report debate: Col. Richard Kemp testifies that “the IDF did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

UN Watch published a major report exposing the repeated lies of U.N. human rights council expert Jean Ziegler —and the fact that he founded the Qaddafi Prize. In 2006, Ziegler was challenged at a UN press conference where he called for the prosecution of Israeli officers for war crimes:

2011: Based on UN Watch’s report, Swiss TV exposed his lies:

Ziegler repeatedly denied receiving the Qaddafi Prize, until UN Watch found this video of him in Libya in 2002 (minute 1:20):

The revelation that Ziegler lied repeatedly for a decade was reported by all the Swiss press, and by the Wall Street Journal:

In 2016, UN Watch director Hillel Neuer testified before the UN Human Rights Council to oppose Ziegler’s re-election:


UN Watch exposed Richard Falk’s incitement, and got him condemned by the head of the United Nations, and removed from his post at Human Rights Watch:

UN Watch testified against Falk at key United Nations debates:

Falk retired from the UN, but continues to lash out at UN Watch for ruining his reputation.

Former UN special rapporteur Richard Falk lashed out at UN Watch for, “with incredible persistence,” getting Ban Ki-moon to denounce his 9/11 conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic remarks. At 9:40 he compares UN Watch to Goebbels. Falk says that US ambassadors to the UN like Susan Rice and Samantha Power “swallowed” what UN Watch “fed” them, repeating the organization’s condemnations of Falk. Washington, April 10, 2015.

“I was very much attacked in a kind of defamatory way by UN Watch and other very extreme Zionist organizations. Wherever I went, anywhere in the world, they would try to prevent me from speaking, mounted a defamatory campaign, called me an antisemite, a leading antisemite. The Wiesenthal Center in LA listed me as the third most dangerous antisemite in the world, which made feel I must be doing something right, in this role…”  (Oct. 21, 2014)




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