WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador “Sold His Soul” to Chinese Communist Party — Hillel Neuer on Sky News Australia


Interviewed by Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt, Executive Director of UN Watch Hillel Neuer says there is quite clearly a “culture of corruption” at the World Health Organization exemplified by senior Chinese officials named as “Goodwill Ambassadors.”

Mr. Neuer pointed to Chinese state media journalist James Chau and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wife, who were named WHO’s Goodwill Ambassadors by former Director-General Margaret Chan.

He said using “Chinese propagandist” James Chau as a Goodwill Ambassador means he can “put in serious propaganda for China painting it as heroic” with no word or consideration for “the fact they harassed whistle blowers, and made people disappear”.

“James Chau is a British-born, University of Cambridge graduate who sold his soul to the Chinese communist party,” said Neuer.

“For the wife of the Chinese dictator perhaps the argument could be made that the World Health Organization is co-opting her to spread the message of world health,” he said.

However, Mr. Neuer told Sky News host Andrew Bolt, it is more likely China has “succeeded in co-opting the World Health Organization.”

He pointed out that there was no objective reason for the WHO to select Chau, who doesn’t even communicate to a Chinese-speaking audience, but rather on CCTV’s English channel.

UN Watch