Farce: Meet 2018 Membership of U.N. Human Rights Council

MEMBERS: Saudi Arabia Iraq, Cuba, China, Qatar, Angola, Burundi, Pakistan, Venezuela, DR Congo, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates…
Meet the 2018 membership of the U.N. Human Rights Council, elected by the United Nations with the mandate to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights“:
Democratic Republic of Congo
Expertise in human rights: President remains in power in violation of constitution as democratic elections postponed; suppression of opposition; torture; arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention; civil war; extrajudicial killings and massacres by government forces; violence against women; child soldiers.
Expertise in human rights: Exploitation and abuse of 2 million migrant workers in Qatar; no political parties; women subjected to discrimination and denied basic rights to equality, denied right to be elected to legislative council; finances ISIS and Hamas.
Saudi Arabia
Expertise in human rights: Death sentences for apostasy and adultery; corporal punishment including flogging and amputation; judiciary controlled by regime; beheading more peoeple than ever before; arbitrary arrests of dissenters and minorities; no freedom of speech; jails blogger Raif Badawi.
Expertise in human rights: Widespread arbitrary detention; imprisonment of opposition leaders; intimidation of journalists; torture; policies causing mass hunger and health catastrophe.
Expertise in human rights: Denial of freedom of speech, religion, and association; extrajudicial killings; repression of civil society; discrimination against Tibetans and other minorities.
Expertise in human rights: Systematic violation of freedom of speech, assembly, press; elections are neither free nor fair; threats and violence against dissidents.
Expertise in human rights: Pro-government militias commit widespread human rights abuses, including assassinations, enforced disappearances, property destruction.
Expertise in human rights: Police killings of peaceful protesters; government forces commit summary executions, targeted assassinations, enforced disappearances; arbitrary detention, torture, sexual violence; genocide warning.
United Arab Emirates
Expertise in human rights: No political parties, no option to change government; restrictions on freedoms of speech, press, assembly, association; arrests without charge, incommunicado detentions, lengthy pretrial detentions; police and prison guard brutality; violence against women; anti-gay discrimination; mistreatment and sexual abuse of foreign domestic servants and other migrant workers.
Expertise in human rights: Extrajudicial and targeted killings by military and security forces; terrorism; torture; arbitrary detention; corruption; violence and discrimination against women and girls including honor killings and rape; violence against gays; violence against journalists; persecution of religious minorities; keeps Christian mother of five on death row for blasphemy.
Expertise in human rights: Widespread government corruption; torture and abuse of detainees by government forces; terrorism; extrajudicial killings by government forces; arbitrary arrest and detention; restrictions on freedoms of speech, press, religion; routine violence against women and girls; abuse of children; trafficking in persons.
Expertise in human rights: Endemic government corruption; economic crisis; mass poverty; high child mortality, one in five children die before age five; extrajudicial killings and torture by government security forces; harassment and intimidation of journalists

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