NGO Meets Red Cross to Petition for Release of Shalit, Hold Hamas Accountable for Violating International Law


hillel-red-crossGENEVA, December 10, 2010 — As demonstrators worldwide today called for the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer visited with the International Committee of the Red Cross headquarters in Geneva to present a petition urging that Hamas abide by the minimal obligations of international humanitarian law.

The Geneva-based human rights group urged the Red Cross to speak out against the assault on international humanitarian law by Hamas and Hezbollah, noting their acts of terrorism, incitement to genocide, and embedding of rockets in civilian areas in order to maximize casualties.

UN Watch also urged the Red Cross to take action on the Wikileaks revelation that Iranian Red Crescent ambulances were used in Lebanon to smuggle weapons.

The petition was signed by 175 delegates from 26 nations who gathered at the 4th B’nai B’rith Europe Young Jewish Adult Forum in Zurich in mid-November.


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